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Sep 30th
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Home Economy Economy News ICCIMA stresses expanding extraterritorial agricultural co-op with neighbors

ICCIMA stresses expanding extraterritorial agricultural co-op with neighbors

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ICCIMA stresses expanding extraterritorial agricultural co-op with neighbors

TEHRAN – Members of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (ICCIMA)’s Agriculture Committee, in a meeting on Monday, stressed the need for the expansion of agricultural cooperation with the countries in the region especially the neighbors, the ICCIMA portal reported.

During the meeting, which was chaired by Head of ICCIMA Agriculture Committee Mohsen Amini and Deputy Head of Iranian Parliament’s Agriculture Committee Rahmatollah Norouzi, agricultural development with a focus on regionalism and optimal use of resources was emphasized.

The attendees of the gathering stressed that in order to achieve economic development in the country, oil should not be seen as the sole source of income and it is necessary to use oil revenue as a driving force for other productive sectors.

Speaking at the meeting, Norouzi underlined the importance of determining certain policies for agricultural development and food security in the country and stated: “The conflict between Russia and Ukraine showed well how much investment should be made to ensure food security. This issue requires resources and expert studies.

Amini for his part noted that the only way to commercialize agriculture in the country is to use the capacities of leading and capable private companies and emphasized: “In this regard, we should not start the work from scratch, but we should take advantage of the existing global experiences and advancement.

He further said the government should not take over extraterritorial cultivation, adding: “An arrangement should be made to increase interaction between the government and the private sector in this regard. Undoubtedly, in the light of these relationships, the basis for making the right decisions and achieving goals is created.



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