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Apr 24th
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Home Technology Iran Tech News Iran showcases 'Ababil' missile in Russia's Army-2023 Expo

Iran showcases 'Ababil' missile in Russia's Army-2023 Expo

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Iran showcases 'Ababil' missile in Russia's Army-2023 Expo

The missile, which looks similar to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Aerospace Force's Zahir missile, has a range of 86 kilometers.

It is 3. 7 meters long and 240 kg weigh with a 45 kg warhead. An optical seeker for ground and sea can be also installed on the missile.

The international military-technical forum "Army-2023" opened at the Patriot Congress and Exhibition Center in Moscow. About 1,500 prominent Russian companies of the military-industrial complex presented their products, and 85 foreign companies and organizations from seven countries also participated in the forum.

The forum opened on August 14 at Patriot Park in Moscow, the Alabino shooting range and the Kubinka airfield. From August 15 to 17 the Forum will be open to specialists, foreign state delegations, and scientific and business activities. On August 18-20, it will be open to the public.



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