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Apr 24th
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Home Technology Iran Tech News Raeisi visits home-grown hybrid, electric car exhibition

Raeisi visits home-grown hybrid, electric car exhibition

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Raeisi visits home-grown hybrid, electric car exhibition

In accordance with agreements made between the Ministry of Industry and the relevant bodies including Tehran Municipality, the installation of electric charging (EV) charging stations in Tehran has started and at least 70 stations will be launched by the end of the year.

EV charging stations will be installed on the motorways between Tehran province and neighboring provinces and some other provinces such as Khorasan Razavi that are filled with cars during most time of the year.

Currently, the implementation process of producing public transportation electric cars such as taxis, jointly-owned cars, and personal vehicles is underway. Not only the existing assembled manufactured electric cars will be supplied to the market, but the commercial production line of hybrid and all-electric domestic cars will also be put into operation next year.

During this visit, while driving a domestically produced electric car for a short time, President Raeisi told reporters, "Among the advantages of these cars is that they not only save a lot of fuel, but also they are effective in a reduction in air and environmental pollution, as well as noise pollution. Moreover, they are completely localized and are produced inside the country.



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